GL SPX Driver


GL Optic spectrometers are delivered with SPX free-of-charge software pack. It is a driver software for measuring devices which enables the computer system of your PC to control and communicate with the device.

It also features the measurement mode to run measurements when the spectrometer is connected to your PC. This software gives you information on the native data of measured spectra as well as a simple graphical representation. The data can be later processed either in spreadsheets or other spectral analysis programs.




SPX controls the measurement process and you can set proper integration time depending on light conditions and also determine the number of repeated measurements. It is possible to save data in the *csv format which can be imported into Excel. Native data show the spectral value of the test results in each specific wave length. For the mini-spectrometer the data is obtained in a 1,7nm interval. The bottom line of the screen shows the status of the device, spectrometer identification number and indicates the temperature of the spectrometer. The SPX software contains all the necessary options for bandpass error correction, correction of baseline level changed by temperature and calculation procedure for OSR* system /Optical Stray Light Reduction/ to determine and correct the influence of stray light on measured spectra.


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