About us

InterElectronic Hungary Kft. - Specialist in electronic manufacturing equipment since 2003

Welcome to the world of InterElectronic Hungary Kft., where we use our more than two decades of experience in the field of electronic manufacturing equipment to help our partners achieve the highest level of manufacturing solutions. Since 2003, our company has been committed to distributing state-of-the-art production equipment that focuses on efficiency and quality.

Our mission

InterElectronic Hungary Kft. aims to support its partners in the market competition with the most modern electronic production equipment with the help of experts. We believe that advanced technology and reliable equipment are key to the success of the industry and we continuously strive to introduce the latest innovations..

Products and Services

InterElectronic Hungary Ltd. offers a wide range of products, including the latest electronic manufacturing equipment and additional services:

     Automated production lines Complete solutions for efficient and precise production of electronic components.
    High-quality SMT machines for fast and reliable component placement.
    Innovative THT hybrid inserting machines, forming and cutting equipment, selective soldering machines
    Soldering systems Modern soldering technologies for perfect joints, furnaces, either vapour phase, vacuum...
    Advanced inspection and testing systems to minimise manufacturing defects, even with AI assistance
    Maintenance and service Professional maintenance and repair services to ensure continuous operation.
    Consultancy and advice Expert support for optimising production processes and introducing new technologies.

Innovation and Quality

InterElectronic Hungary Kft. is committed to innovation and quality. We constantly monitor technological developments and our customers' needs to offer the best solutions. We work in close cooperation with our partners to provide tailor-made solutions.

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Sustainability and Responsibility

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important to our company. Energy is produced and used in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. In all our activities, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint and support the cause of environmental protection. In our own offices and warehouse, we use solar panels and heat pumps for year-round zero-emission cooling and heating..


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The team at InterElectronic Hungary Kft. is ready to help you succeed with our expertise and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover how together we can make your manufacturing processes more efficient and effective!