Cutting connectors and plugs

C 57
Universal Cutting Machine


The Universal cutting machine C057 is designed
to cut the leads of loose radial components with
lead diameters up to .8mm [.032’’]. The machine
utilizes spring loaded cutting blade traversing a
top shear plate to perform the cutting action.
The standard shear plate is supplied with predrilled
hole patterns at a thickness of 3.0mm
[.120’’]. Foot pedal operated, the C057 provides
a simple, economical solution to cutting radial
loose components.




E 20-5
Cutting machine for D-SUB connectors
and different connectors

This machine is both flexible and cost effective. The basic pneumatic machine could be equpped with 1 (of4( standard cutting plates. Custom cutting plates are available.

Cutting plates are available from 2.0 mm up to 5.00 mm cut length.

Custom cut lengths as weil as custom patterns are available for your requirements.

The basic machines includes a foot pedal, junction box and air hose.


EBSO Preforming Catalog