Rhythm Slide selective soldering system

The latest addition to the popular Rhythm line, the Slide offers high performance selective through-hole soldering. With a process range of 12” x 12”, the system performs precise dip and drag soldering using an RPS miniwave and a high durability EFD flux nozzle; both nozzles articulate below the PCB. A second solder pot can be hot-swapped for lead and lead-free processing.

The Slide features best-in-class servo motor motion control for speed, accuracy and repeatability. A closed loop temperature controlled nitrogen inertion process provides superior thermal performance of the soldering miniwave. RPS offers innovative miniwave nozzle designs for wave stability and defect free performance.

The SPX Selective Soldering System handles basic to complex dip, drag, wire bond, and other through-hole soldering processes. The SPX features best-in-class servo motor motion control for speed, accuracy, and repeatability. The nitrogen inertion process uses closed loop temperature control for superior thermal performance. lnnovative minivvave nozzle designs provide wave stability and defect free performance. The SPX system utilizes a graphical interface for simple programming and operation.


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  • 12” x 12” Process Range
  • 1.5 mm Standard (Capable of 0.5mm) Keep Away
  • 6mm Lead Length Tolerance
  • +/- 0.05 mm Repeatability
  • +/- 0.25 mm Wave Stability
  • Off-line Programming Via RPS CamConductor™ Software
  • Low Maintenance: 80 Hour Pump Cleaning Cycle 
  • Low Consumables: Dross production of 1-2 ounces per shift



X/Y/Z Control Closed Loop Servo Motors
Max Process Range 24 x 24” | 600 x 600 mm
Min/Max PCB Size 1 x 3" to 24 x 24” l 25 x 75 mm to 600 x 600 mm
Computer & Monitor Windows 7 PC | Offline RPS CamConductorTM Programming

Solder Process Control

Load Method Manual (lnline SMEMA Auto-Load Option) | Universal PCB Holder
Nozzle Material Wetted Chromium Alloy
Nozzle Sizes 1.5 - 20 mm & Custom
Keep Avvay 1.5 mm Standard | 0.5 mm Capable
Max Wave Height 6 mm Standing Wave Height

Flux Process Control

Spray Flux Standard | Stainless Steel EFDTM | 3 - 30 mm
Flux Capacity 1 Liter Pressurized
Drop Jet Flux* Option
Dual Chemistry* Option

Solder Pot Management 

Solder Pot Capacity 35 lbs | 16 kgs
Temp Control PlD Proportioning (0-400°C) ±2°C
Heat Time 45 Minutes
Dross Production 1.5 Ounces Per 8 Hours

Nitrogen Management

N2 inertion RPS DirectHeatTM
N2 Temp Control 0-500 °C Closed Loop Set Point
Consumption 30 SCFH (ft3) | 0.85 CMH (m3)
Required Purity <20 PPM O2H


Footprint 63 x 64 x 49” | 1600 x 625 x 1145 mm
Weight 1100 lbs | 500 kgs