GW-10-HT selective soldering system

Standard Features


  • The DDM Novastar soldering system is used for the removal and replacement of throught hole components connectors, etc. mounted on PC boards.
  • Microprocessor based, digital controller

          - solder temperature
          - wave height
          - solder flow duration
         - air “blow through” duration 

            (GW-10A-HT only)

  • 10 menu storage
  • “Blow-thru” hot air nozzle option removes solder remaining in through-holes during rework process.
  • X, Y, & Z Universal Board Fixture option allows quick and easy board positioning over the wave
  • Overhead locator laser light pinpoints position for centering component over the wave.
  • A large selection of nozzles for all component sizes is available. (14-20 pin DIP standard)
  • Height adjustable stainless steel platform.
  • Easy to change bayonet mount nozzles for a variety of rework or selective soldering applications.

DDM Novastar catalog