LS-series SMT Pick&Place machines with vision centering option

Automatic 4-position nozzle changer with 4 nozzles. Friendly easy to use Windows™ based software including CAD conversion software, software for panelized boards and self diagnostic, error recognition & fault monitoring system. Placement rates up to 4800 cph. 96 8mm individula tape feeder locations, with bank feeders 144 (model LS60).  On-the-fly component centering using centering fingers. (touchless option*) Fiducial Correction. The latest Pentium™ PC. Capable of placing 15 mil pitch components and 0201 packages. The component squaring station enables accurate placement of fine pitch components while protecting fragile leads from damage due to excessive force.

Fluid dispenser for solder paste or adhesives
 *Touchless Cyberoptics® laser centering system
 Secondary 4-position nozzle changer
 Linear glass digital encoder scales for ultimate accuracy and repeatabili

SpecificatSuperStrip™ feeders for pick-up from short tape strips
SmartCount™ electro-optical tape feeders
Tube Bulk or tray feeders
Automatic Fiducial Correction
Micro nozzles and/or Multi-Micro nozzles for smaller componentsions











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Max. PCB area LS60 343 x 813 mm
Max. PCB area LS40 343 x 560 mm

Max. travel area LS60 560 x 813 mm
Max. travel area LS40 560 x 560 mm

Z axis max mouvment  38 mm
Pcb thicknes 0.5 mm - 4.0 mm
Placement rate 2500 - 4800 db/h


Max placement rate 4800 db/h
Placement accuracy ±0.015 mm standard, ±0.0025 mm*
Min component size 0201
Fine pitch 0.635mm-from, 0.508mm-to
Largest component size 35 mm x 35 mm
Max number of feeder positions 64(LS40), 96(LS60)
Tape feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32*, 44mm*
Vibra feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 mm