ATF VP 400 vapor phase reflow oven



The ATF vapour phase VP 400 consists of the
lower soldering compartment containing the
vapour phase which height is limited by heat
exchangers which are cooled by the built-in
cooling aggregate. Above these coolers the
thermally separated the cooling zone is located
for a gentle cooling down of the assembly



Unique feature is the temperature profile control software: by defining up to 20 temperature set values, the machine will run the respective profile automatically. The distinct algorithm ensures the tray with the pcb is exposed accurately to the required temperatures with the corresponding times. No matter whether the machine has been switched on recently or is running for hours: the VP 400 control algorithm makes sure, that the temperature profile is the same. The controller is operated by turning and pushing one knob only and can store up to 4 independent solder profiles. Memory extension is possible with an additional Smart Card. The VP 400 is network-compatible and a IP-address is preinstalled (C-net). At the infeed section a vapour condensation trap reduces loss of vapour to its minimum. Because of the built-in cooling unit no external cooling water is needed and the machine is ready for operation, just plug it to power and fill the medium in.


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  • small footprint
  • vapor phase performs like a large convection oven
  • low power consumption (~4,5KVA)
  • no Nitrogen required
  • no exhaust facilty required
  • any temperature profile can be set up
  • Real time temperture profile with out the use of temperature-shuttle
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low invest




  • Large foot print required
  • 8-10 zone oven requires about 5-6m length
  • High power consumption ~ 80KVA
  • requires nitrogen
  • requires exhaust system (add. cost and installation)
  • high running costs
  • High investment