Board-Handling program for hybrid products expanded

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Board-Handling program for hybrid products expanded

Board-Handling program for hybrid products expanded

The EasyLine program is IPTE’s product range for Board-Handling. It has now been expanded to the handling of ceramic substrate (Hybrid-) boards.


The following EasyLine S-size modules are available:

• Single and Dual Lane Conveyer,
• Portal-unit and several traversers.
• Turning
• Magazine-handler (loader and unloader) and magazine-buffer for up to eight magazines.
• Sorting-modules for defective and for recirculation fixed ceramic substrate carriers.
• Manual (optical) inspection.
• Conveyor for ionic cleaning.
• Special oven-emergency-buffers for magazines allowing the emptying of the oven in case of a malfunction at that part of the
production line.



The ceramic substrate portfolio come in shorter line length (300 mm) modules specially adapted to the smaller size of such ceramic products. IPTE also integrated existing bonder equipment in the production and created special transport modules allowing the concatenation of such bonder modules in an automatic line. Maximum reliability of all components was one of the key starting point for the development of these transport modules. This allows the use of such in production facilities running 24/7. Easy Line S-size modules are straightforward easy to configure; ditto the software which is configured via an uncomplicated program interface. In addition, all information needed for line integration, operation and control of the system is shown in a clear format on the Color-Touch-screen of every module. Each module also features an on-board diagnostic tool for the complete, 100% control of the equipment, as well as for monitoring all the individual steps of operation. The set-up of the handling modules is very easy and follows the plug & play principle.