ATF 13/25 wave soldering for small volume

Dual-Wave Soldering System
for Smaller Series


With a process width of up to 250 mm offers the ATF 13/25 all what is expected from a up-todate wave soldering machine. It comes with a dual wave as standard; lead-free compatible solder pot and spray fluxer is available. Outstanding is the pump interlock: without any tools they are dismounted within 10 seconds. Than available space is no issue for thorough maintenance of the solder pot. The micro processor controller controls accurately the machine and is easy to operate. Optional the ATF 13/25 can be operated with a PC too . Next to profile mangement the PC-software collects SPC data for process documentation. The ATF 13/25 is available as nitrogen machine as well or could be upgraded at any time.


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The welded steel base frame is pre-conditioned for a long term reliability. Hinged doors allow easy and fast access to the machine. Large windows allow free vision of the process. The unit can be upgraded for operation in nitrogen atmosphere at any time.




  • Pumpless spray fluxer
  • Exhaust hood above spray fluxer
  • Filter integrated in hood
  • Convection preheater
  • Tunnel above preheater
  • Nitrogen inerting
  • Pin code reader
  • Interchangeadble solder pot
  • Bench with panels and doors
  • PC control
  • PC-software
  • Assembly conveyor system




  • Finger conveyor
  • Lead-free ready solder pot, with
  • removable flow ducts
  • Stainless steel foam fluxer
  • IR-preheater, with Ceran glass cover
  • Dual wave, with direct driven solder pumps
  • Wave intermittent operation
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Solder pot roll-out unit
  • Meets VDE safety regulations