The testing procedure gives information on luminous flux, color coordinates and color temperature.

GL Optic integrating sphere is an accessory for our GL spectis 1.0 for luminous flux measurement of LEDs and other small light sources. Thanks to its well known characteristics integrating sphere helps to get the ideal light distribution and proper measurement of light power. It is an ideal tool for LEDs quality control /binning/ where such features like color temperature and color coordinates are important. The set includes the sphere in housing with a coder for automatic detection of the accessory. It is delivered with the certificate of factory absolute spectral calibration.




  • Small size portable measuring tool
  • Ideal for binning and quick quality control of LEDs
  • Ready to work immediately after connection to GL SPECTIS 1.0
  • Automatic calibration file download
  • High precision of test result




Sphere diameter 48mm
Entrance diameter 9mm
Spectral range from 400nm to 730nm
Dimensions 52mm x 88mm x 51mm
Exit at 90° from entrance


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