Spartan system wave soldering machines - Lead-Free

Spartan series 8S, 8D, 12S and 12D
Your Economic Solution for Easy
Start-Up of PCB Production


The ultimate in sophistication and simplicity, Novastar manufactures a complete range of models, from benchtop 8" wide waves to high production 24" models. Offering the latest in technology, Novastar machines are designed to meet all of your wave soldering requirements


  • Streamlined Design for Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Ultra fast, convenient, single and double-sided
  • PCB loading and unloading
  • User Friendly Programming and Operation
  • Durable Construction
  • Single or dual wave
  • Stainless steel foam fluxer
  • Computer control includes:

- 10 menu storage

- RS-232 serial interface

- SPC online or offl ine data logging

- Fault monitoring & reporting

- Low solder indicator

  • On board air compressor
  • Dual preheaters with heat tunnel and forced air convection
  • Wave and flux interval sensors
  • Status light tower
  • Slide-out fl uxer with drip tray
  • Compatible with VOC free fluxes
  • Full one year warranty


DDM Novastar Catalog