L-SF40 Small Benchtop Pick&Place Machine






Your Economic Solution for:
Product Development
Pilot Manufacturing
Low Volume Production





  • Provides the most economical solution in a fully automated pick and place bench- top system
  • Capable of placing a wide range of components from 0201 discretes and SOICs to PLCCs and 20 mil pitch QFPs
  • Placement rates up to 1800 cph
  • Friendly, easy to use Windows® based software
  • Tape reels & strips can be set up easily using the unique PIK-StripTM feeders
  • 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 & 44 mm PIK-StripTM feeders available
  • Capable of handling reels, cut tape, stick/tube and loose components


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Max board are L-SF40
13.5” x 22” (343 x 560 mm)
System dimensions L-SF-40
36” x 38” x 25”h (914 x 965 x 635 mm)
Max travel area L-SF40
22”(X axis) x 22”(Y axis) (560 x
560 mm)
On-the-fly component centering
Centering fingers
Z axis max travel
1.5” (38 mm)
Weight L-SF40
200 lbs (91 kg)
Board thickness
0.020”- 0.156” (0.5mm - 4.0 mm)
Board holding
Edge clamp w/optional board support tooling
Typical verifiable placement rate
1200-1800 cph
Data entry
Coordinate entry, “teach” mode, CAD download
Placement accuracy
Vision system
Color CCD card camera
Fine pitch capability
down to 20 mil pitch (0.508mm)
Automatic tool changer
4 position
Smallest component capability
0201 packages standard
Operating system
Microsoft Windows
Largest component size
1.378” (35mm) square body
Dispenser option
Time & pressure, clean dry air @ 80 psi
L-SF40 max no. of lanes
72 - 8mm tapes
120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 220-240 VAC available
PIK-StripTM available
8, 12, 16, 24 mm
Compressed air
60 psi required for vacuum
Tube feeders (bulk also)
8, 10, 14, 18, 24, 32 mm
Vacuum option
Self contained compressor, no air required
Matrix Tray Feeders
with Board/Matrix tray holders
Component orientation Ø-axis motion
± 360° in 0.18° step


Machine Options


Liquid dispenser
CAD editor software
Auto fiducial recognition
Touch screen with enhanced operator interface
Vacuum - self contained
Lexan safety cover
Extra 4 position nozzle changer - for 8 total positions
Board support
Low force fine pitch squaring station option


Feeder Options


9x 8mm tape lanes
L-PS12/16 PIK-StripTM
4x 12mm & 2x16mm tape lanes
L-PS24 PIK-StripTM
4x 24mm tape lanes
Matrix tray holder
Dual lane SuperStripTM feeder for strips up to 13.5” long
XX indicates tape width: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44, and 56 mm




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