iico SMT multi function SMT Pick&Place machine


Combining all around capability with outstanding value for money, the iico is perfect for low to medium-volume, high-mix production. iico can place 0201s to the largest QFPs on the market, as well as components that cannot be handled by conventional vacuum nozzles, the system incorporates a high level of flexibility rarely found in low-cost solutions.

The machine head includes a 8 position rotary turret on an X/Y gantry utilising ‘on the fly’ vision, it maintains high placement rates even on boards with a wide range of components. As with all Europlacer systems the iico features unrivalled flexibility including a standard feeder capacity of 198 x 8mm tapes in addition to an area for matrix trays.




 1 rotary turret heads with 8 placement nozzles


9 100 cph (IPC: 7 750 cph)


0201 to  50x50mm

Foot width:

0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA)


40µm (QFP's) @ 3 sigma
75µm (Chips) @ 3 sigma (full speed)
60µm (Chips) @ 3 sigma (reduced speed)

Feeder positions:

198 * 8mm

PCB size:

60 x 60mm to 500 x 460mm