In- and off-line reflow owens for medium volume

Novastar's advances in the reflow process include an efficient low cost patented HORIZONTAL CONVECTION™ heating technology, a feature not available with other ovens. These advances enable our machines to have extremely accurate profiling capabilities whether for standard or lead-free solder paste. Novastar offers a wide range of reflow ovens to meet all of your reflow requirements. Models range from 12" benchtop to 20" floorstanding, high production units. All HT models have the new LEAD FREE soldering technology.


DDM Novastar catalog


Novastar's patented Horizontal Convection™* design propels heated air currents within each isolated chamber thereby insuring precise control of profile parameters in each zone, and throughout the entire profile curve. The air is circulated toward one side of the oven above the PCB and toward the opposite side of the oven below the PCB, forming a circular air current or "cyclone" around the board. With the nitrogen inerting option, the isolated chamber design maintains low oxygen levels while conserving nitrogen consumption. The forced air circulation results in a uniform temperature profile along the entire circuit board assembly. This Horizontal Convection™ Technology works well with both standard and lead-free solders.



1800HT Conveyor Reflow Oven 2000HT Conveyor Reflow Oven


Standard Features:

  • Horizontal Convection™ technologies for standard or high-temp solders
  • Models from 3 to 12 zones plus cooling zone
  • Viewing windows with lights provide full visibility of entire process
  • Low mass stainless steel conveyors
  • Stainless steel chambers
  • Full access for quick maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Unsurpassed Novastar performance, service and support
  • Easy to operate 8 button keypad
  • 100 menu profile storage
  • Automatic start timer
  • Real time graphic temperature profiler
  • ISO 9000 SPC fault monitoring and reporting
  • English or metric units
  • Battery memory backup
  • Three levels of password protection