HIT520H Screen Printer

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HIT520Smart   Specifications
Mask Min. size 736x550 mm
Max. size 1500x736 mm
PCB Size 80x80~1200x550 mm
Thickness/Weight 0.4 mm~6 mm / 10kg
Under clearance 14 mm
  Transport direction left->right/ right->left (Option)
Squeegee Squeegee type Metal squeegee/HIT GUN (soplder pump head)
Length 250 mm, 350 mm, 420 mm, 460 mm, 600 mm
Moving direction X axis moving
Printing Accuracy/Speed ±12.5 μm @ 6 sigma/ 1~300mm/s
    8s (Excluding printing time)
Fiducial Mark Type User defined
Size 0.5 mm~3 mm
Mark number Two, Three, Four
Snap off Type Normal/Vacuum
Speed/Distance 0.5 mm/s~ 30 mm/s / 0~5 mm
Cleaning System Type dry/wet/vacuum/air
Cleaning head Silicone pad
2D Inspection Fov Camera 8.5 mm x 8 mm, CIS 640 x 480 Japan
Inspection solder small or miss
Inspection Size 0.3 mm, over 0.3 mm
Max Teaching Window 500 window available
SPI Communication Type printing offset and cleaning
Air Condition System   PC Control system (option)
Other Size/Weight 3824 x 1582 x 1430 mm/ 1200 kg
Power supply/Air supply 220 V± 20V, 2KW 50/60 Hz/ 4~6/cm2
Operation system Windows XP, Flash Memory Type HDD



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