ALD 625 i3D Offline AOI

ALD 625 i3D Offline AOI


The ALD625 i3D is the offline version of the standard inline ALD770. Both systems can share the same inspection programs and library.


Unique Technologies Implemented in this Model

• i3D Technology
• i3D Height Analyzing & coplanarity check
• i3D Shape Analysis
• Debug-Free Technology
(Including flexible packages)
• Escape-Free Technology
• False Calls Control Technology
• Overcome all inspection challenges
• Small Chip: Coplanarity, offset cold soldering,
no solder, missing, tombstone and more.
• Production Process Control SW: prevent defects
in real time, improve and control your production.
i3D detects small chip coplanarity, cold soldering,
missing, tombstones and more errors

The ALD625T i3D match the ALD770T i3D Inline, supports production lines and products
that need up to 60mm clearance. Its innovative optics design and enlarged focus range
ensure that all tall and small components can be detected with the same ALeader inspection
The ALD625T i3D is the ultimate solution for your production, featuring an extremely low
FA rate, high first pass yield and no escapes. It offers support for offline programing, offline
debugging, a complete tracking system with integrated barcode reader on the camera and
repair stations. The fast and easy programing technology lets it meet customers demand
from low-volume high-mix to high-volume low-mix manufacturing.
ALD625 i3D can share the Inline Libraries and programs. It can monitor for defects including
all kinds of lifted leads and all defects for small chips. The machine’s automatic calibration
and maintenance take just a few minutes each week. It is designed to overcome
all PCB design challenges including shadows, different component colors, warpe PCB, and
many more.

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