VLO 20 vacuum soldering system

The VLO 20 vacuum soldering system meets the highest demands of R&D departments as well as the needs of small production facilities which use vacuum to achieve void less soldering joints. With the VLO 20, the soldered area affected by voids can be reduced to less than 2 %, typical reflow soldering systems range at 20 %.



  • Hermetic Package Sealing
  • Hybrid Microelectronics Assemblies
  • MEMS Package Sealing
  • Package Sealing
  • Power Semiconductors
  • UHB LED Packaging
  • Wafer Level Packaging


This system is ideal for production facilities which run flux less and void less soldering processes with various gas atmospheres (N2, H2 100, N2/H2 95/5). It can also provide wet chemical activation with HCOOH and dry chemical activation with MW or RF plasma for ultra clean soldering joints. 

Even lead free paste or pre-forms can be used without additional flux.

The process control computer comes with a user-friendly touch screen for operating, process profile editing and recipe storing. A serial interface lets you transfer data to PCs for offline programming and remote service monitoring.


Features and Benefits

  • process temperature up to 450 °C
  • excellent temperature uniformity
  • heating ramp up to 180 K/min
  • cooling rate up to 180 K/min
  • vacuum level up to 10-5 mbar
  • very short cycle time



  • 100 % H2 gas line with safeguards
  • HCOOH bubbler with safeguards
  • up to 4 thermocouples for surface temperature recording per plate


Centrotherm VLO 20 Flyer